As a dancer, Maria Carlos Baptista knew movement as a part of everyday life.
As a fashion designer, no values have changed.
After an injury that push dance away from the main route, Maria saw in fashion a new path. With a dance background as the inspiration, this fashion designer shows how movement can be so much more than what we create with our bodies.
It can be seen in fabrics, shapes and silhouettes; it is reflected in the clothes we wear.
Seeing clothing as wearable art drove Maria Carlos Baptista to study Fashion Design at Modatex.
In 2020, with the collection “ arquétipo ”, Maria won the Bloom contest sponsored by Portugal Fashion. By portraying the dichotomy of positive and negative space that lives inside our bodies and the universe itself, Maria was invited to present her AW21/22 collection “espaço negativo” in French runways at Paris Fashion Week. Later, the same collection took part of the Bloom platform at Portugal Fashion FW 21/22.

Maria Carlos Baptista aims to build a global community through sustainable and mindful design, ethic technology and genderless clothing. Each piece is created within a responsible supply system based in Portugal, while seeking uniqueness and exclusivity for the luxury consumer.
It is a new movement.
A movement which speaks the language of the future in today’s words.


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